Himenospia summary:

Abused like a slave by everyone at school, and battered by the single mother she lives with at home… That was the girl’s, Endou Himeno’s, everyday life. However one day a ‘wasp’ that stung the girl changed her fate. Her fate, and that of humanity… Piercing the ‘species’ known as humanity, a thrilling insect suspense story begins!
Maybe coming in the next issue
Himenospia chapter 17
Himenospia chapter 18
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 16: Contact 10,852 Apr-27-19
Vol.3 Chapter 15: Individual 11,373 Apr-22-19
Vol.3 Chapter 14: Mother 13,149 Apr-20-19
Chapter 13: Enemy 13,210 Apr-17-19
Vol.3 Chapter 12: Rot 15,074 Apr-14-19
Vol.3 Chapter 11: Nation 13,040 Apr-14-19
Vol.2 Chapter 10: Sex (v2) 15,321 Apr-14-19
Vol.2 Chapter 9: Spread 13,475 Apr-14-19
Vol.2 Chapter 7: Rage 12,877 Apr-14-19
Vol.2 Chapter 6: Troops 12,060 Apr-14-19
Vol.1 Chapter 5: End 12,304 Apr-14-19
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Swarm 11,952 Apr-14-19
Vol.1 Chapter 3: Shadow 12,983 Apr-14-19
Vol.1 Chapter 2: Spear (v3) 14,232 Apr-14-19