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  • I'm Getting Married to a Girl I Hate in My Class

    Alternative : Class no Daikirai na Joshi to Kekkon suru Koto ni Natta. ; I Got Married to the Girl I Hate Most in Class ; I'm Getting Married to a Girl I Hate in My Class ; Kurasu no daikirai na joshi to kekkon suru koto ni natta. ; Kurasu no Daikiraina Joshi to Kekkon Suru Koto ni Natta ; クラスの大嫌いな女子と結婚することになった。

  • Author(s) : Amano Seiju , 天乃聖樹,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-22-2022 13:09:24 PM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School life, Shounen, Slice of life,
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  • rate : 4.62 / 5 - 460 votes

I'm Getting Married to a Girl I Hate in My Class summary:

High school student Hojo Saito married his classmate, Sakuramori Akane, the girl who’s his worst enemy in school. “If you tell the rest of the class we’re married, I’ll kill you” “I don’t want them to know either. There’s no point in that.” Their newlywed life wasn’t going so well, and they were constantly at odds. However, as they progress through their daily lives, the distance between them closes, they have more enjoyable moments together, and they gradually come to understand one another. Saito learns about Akane’s cute side, which he never saw before, and Akane gradually began to recognize the feelings that she’s been keeping inside… The heart-throbbing newlywed life of two people who just can’t seem to be honest with each other begins here!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 10 18,349 Nov-22-22
Chapter 9.2 11,935 Nov-22-22
Chapter 9.1 11,631 Nov-22-22
Chapter 8.2 7,267 Nov-22-22
Chapter 8 33,633 Sep-27-22
Chapter 7.2 22,585 Sep-27-22
Chapter 7 22,789 Sep-27-22
Chapter 6.2 22,756 Sep-27-22
Chapter 6.1 23,507 Sep-27-22
Chapter 5.2 22,876 Sep-27-22
Chapter 5.1 24,055 Sep-27-22
Chapter 4 25,347 Sep-27-22
Chapter 3.2 24,169 Sep-27-22
Chapter 3.1 24,790 Sep-27-22
Chapter 2.2 25,367 Sep-27-22
Chapter 2.1 29,678 Sep-27-22
Chapter 1 42,873 Sep-27-22

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