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  • Ake Nure Goyou ni Furu Yuki wa

    Alternative : 朱濡れ五葉に降る霜雪は ; Ake Nure Goyō ni Furu Yuki wa ; Ake Nure Goyou ni Furu Sousetsu wa ; Akenure Goyou ni Kudaru Sousetsu wa ; Crimson Snow ; Staining the White Pine with Crimson Frosted Snow
  • Author(s) : Hori Tomoki,
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : Jan-20-2016 15:16:32 PM
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  • Genres : Drama, Romance, Slice of life, Yaoi,
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Ake Nure Goyou ni Furu Yuki wa summary:

From Attractive Fascinante: Ch. 1-3: Kazuma, a yakuza, got shot and was saved by the heir of a tea ceremony family, Shibata Yukihiro. Yukihiro, being the illegitimate son, never allowed himself to ask for anything. Kazuma was the only one that Yukihiro had wanted to protect even though the burden that Kazuma carried was too dangerous. What should they do? A very in-depth story revolving around the Japanese traditions and the underworld and how the gentle and delicate Yukihiro and a powerful Kazuma managed to influence each other to find their true self. Ch. 4 - At First Sight Liam Brink, a university student, has a bit of an usual hobby - 'observing Maddox,' Maddox being another university student. The two have never spoken to each other until one day when Liam is knocked down by another student and his glasses are broken. Ch. 5 - Cry for the Sun Ethan's father just passed away. During the funeral, Ethan is torn by feelings of hatred towards the man that was absent through much of his life, though he doesn't understand the root of these feelings. Suddenly, he notices a mysterious weeping man at the edge of the funeral service that he doesn't recognize, but deep in his heart he somehow knows him - how can this be? Ch.6 - Garance A continuation of Kazuma and Yukihiro's story.
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