• Amaiyo Maiyo

    Alternative : 甘いよ毎夜 ; Every Sweet Night ; His Training Failure ; I Want To Drive You Crazy

  • Author(s) : Honjou Rie,
  • Status : Ongoing - not set rele
  • Last updated : Jan-20-2016 07:36:55 AM
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  • Genres : Yaoi,
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Amaiyo Maiyo summary:

Collection of 8 oneshots: all include bondage/bdsm 1) Every Sweet Night (Amaiyo Maiyo)- Garyou's childhood friend Kou is a famous model who never has time for him anymore. So Garyou hooks up with random guys to try to ignore his feelings for Kou. But the latest one may be more than he can handle. 2) --- 3) I Want To Drive You Crazy (Kuwurasetai no)- Tsutsumi has an angel's face and devil's mind. The high-schooler is always thinking up new ways to tease his pet- the school's doctor! S&M 4) His Training Failure (Kare no Shippai Gaku)- Middle aged video store owner is enthralled by his younger lover Tetsu. But is Tetsu as serious about him? 5-8) ---