Bidou Wakadanna Koi Shitau Wa Koushoku Otoko CHAPTER LIST
  • Bidou Wakadanna Koi Shitau Wa Koushoku Otoko

    Alternative : Bido Wakadan'na, Renbo Fu wa koshokuotoko,美童若旦那、恋慕ふは好色男

  • Author(s) : Shimeji,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Aug-25-2019 12:23:58 PM
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  • Genres : Adult, Historical, Yaoi,
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  • rate : 4.75/ 5 - 16 votes

Bidou Wakadanna Koi Shitau Wa Koushoku Otoko summary:

The stage is Edo. The second son of a draper store, Tenji is a beautiful boy that is earnest and kind as Bodhisattva. Tenji, who loves pretty things — especially hairpins — accidentally meets his favorite hairpin artisan, Shunsuke, one day, and ends up being shown around his workplace. Elated, he even follows Shunsuke to his home, but Shunsuke mistook Tenji for a woman and assaulted him! Shunsuke is actually a sensual man who welcomes all comers but never concerns himself with those who leave! And when he realizes Tenji is a man!? A beautifully and bewitchingly composed Edo picture scroll of passion of two straight men!
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Chapter 1 10,637 Aug-25-19