• Charisma (ISHIHARA Satoru)

    Alternative : カリスマ (石原理) ; 超凡的魅力

  • Author(s) : Ishihara Satoru,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jan-20-2016 13:41:55 PM
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  • Genres : Action, Drama, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Yaoi,
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  • rate : 4.67 / 5 - 6 votes

Charisma (ISHIHARA Satoru) summary:

From Translated Treasures: It is a multi-perspective story following several different characters. The central character is Archer Rogue. Archer's entire family is a bit off-kilter. His father Ed is bi-polar due to physical abuse from his father as a child. As a result, he beats Archer at times ("for his own good"), or swings to a scared, child-like persona and is incapable of even feeding himself. Archer's childhood was understandably difficult, and he's a rather closed-off, violent person as a result. His older half-brother Murphy is mentally retarded. The story follows Archer (street name: El Gato) as he works with Deano to infiltrate the drug cartel that has a long-standing grudge against his gang. Along the way he meets Ken, not knowing that he is also infiltrating the cartel (for the police). It contains lots of conflict between groups, inside of groups, and with seeming random strangers. The stories in the first volume are in published order, rather than chronological: the first manga begins with Archer being released from prison for shooting his father. Then it goes back to a young 15-year-old Archer and how it all started. Prequel to Inu no Ou
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Vol.1 Chapter 1.1 8,483 Jan-20-16

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