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Wilderness Hut summary:

《Wilderness Hut》is a small hut in the mysterious U city. Suddenly, enormous monsters appeared, crazily destroying the place. In order to stop the devastation, humanity was forced to use nuclear bombs. Even though the monsters were destroyed, it had also created an uninhabitable region. However, not only was the small hut completely intact, but it still continuously created monsters.
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Wilderness Hut chapter 11
Wilderness Hut chapter 12
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 10: I'm Going! 1,811 Sep-07-19
Chapter 9: Super Powers? 3,130 Aug-26-19
Chapter 8: A Bright Light 4,375 Aug-17-19
Chapter 7: I'm Back 5,508 Aug-13-19
Chapter 6: A Chance 5,923 Aug-10-19
Chapter 5: Strength Emerges 5,524 Aug-10-19
Chapter 3: Crisis Averted? 5,824 Aug-10-19
Chapter 2: Crisis Erupted 7,067 Aug-10-19