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  • Silver Plan to Redo From JK

    Alternative : JK kara Yarinaosu Silver Plan ; JKからやり直すシルバープラン ; Spoiled and Retired

  • Author(s) : Im Dal-Young,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-09-2023 13:30:23 PM
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  • Genres : Drama, Slice of life,
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Silver Plan to Redo From JK summary:

Her grandfather is a politician, and her father is a real estate owner.
Ninomiya Sayuri is an arrogant young lady who had the culmination of power and wealth during the bubble period.
However, it all came down together with the collapse of the bubble. Eventually, she became a middle-aged homeless person.

One day, a delinquent threw a rock aimed at her.
Just when Sayuri thought she had died while clinging to her past happiness, she somehow time leaped to the days of her high school period...!?

To save her family from the tragic future that awaits them and gaining hold of true happiness by not relying on money, she comes up with a "Silver Plan" by putting all her effort to make friends, save money, be healthy and more. Sayuri's second life begins now!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 26: Our Choice 21,202 Nov-02-21
Chapter 23: Power and Poison 15,143 Sep-23-21
Chapter 22: Touch and Go 16,794 Sep-19-21
Chapter 20 21,372 Jun-10-21
Chapter 19 21,074 Jun-05-21
Chapter 11: Rebellion 22,504 Nov-04-20
Chapter 10: Misunderstanding 23,305 Oct-28-20
Chapter 9: Only One Thing 24,124 Aug-12-20
Chapter 6: Kashimura Maki 31,607 Apr-19-20
Chapter 5: My Ability 36,235 Mar-22-20
Vol.1 Chapter 1: Time Leap 75,768 Mar-01-20

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