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  • Strategy on Seduction

    Alternative : Induction Strategy ; Strategy on Seduction ; Youdao Gonglve ; Yòudǎo Gōnglüè ; 诱导攻略

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Strategy on Seduction summary:

As a behaviour manipulator, Cheng Ran was good at finding human’s weaknesses and manipulating their behaviour. He thought he knew the human heart like the back of his hand: “The reward I want is... to kill you.”
Cheng Ran knelt on the ground, his hand and chin perched on Han Qi's knee, looking into Han Qi's eyes like a puppy with his head tilted. “Start a fire, I'll hold onto your corpse, and get burned into ashes along with this house. Our ashes, the ashes of this world, muddled together, never to be separated again.” Cheng Ran is confident that what he said in this moment are love words that Han Qi wanted to hear the most. Han Qi has indeed frozen. “It’s impossible to burn humans into ashes by burning the house.”
Han Qi gently caressed Cheng Ran's head with his hand, like soothing a little puppy. He pondered for a while and slowly said: “The body has to be burned in an incinerator at a high temperature of 1,000° for an hour. Afterwards, use a hammer to break the calcified bones. Finally, you had to grind it finely, for it to become ashes.” Cheng Ran was surprised at Han Qi's knowledge of the cremation process, and he’s even more surprised that his thoughts seem to be deviated from expectations. “Okay.” Han Qi looked at Cheng Ran's eyes intently.
Okay? Cheng Ran was shocked. What's okay about it? That was dirty talk! I’m not asking you to execute it! Cheng Ran thought using his body would get the other party to open up, but unexpectedly the other party used his heart and accompanied him in this forbidden game.
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