Dungeon Sherpa: Meikyuu Michisaki Annainin CHAPTER LIST
  • Dungeon Sherpa: Meikyuu Michisaki Annainin

    Alternative : ダンジョン・シェルパ 迷宮道先案内人

  • Author(s) : Kamo Sei, Tosaka Akira,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Aug-13-2021 14:40:08 PM
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  • Genres : Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen,
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  • rate : 4.79 / 5 - 404 votes

Dungeon Sherpa: Meikyuu Michisaki Annainin summary:

Dungeon Sherpa, a general term for those who make a living by carrying the baggage of adventurers while leading the way for them in their search through labyrinths. Rou is a young but skilled sherpa whose activities are based in Tairos labyrinth. Though Rou lost his father half a year ago and works to support his younger sister who he lives with, he is forcibly dragged into helping the hero who made a name for herself at the royal capital as the, "Twilight Blade."

Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 4 16,613 Aug-13-21
Chapter 3 20,096 Aug-02-21
Chapter 2 24,853 Dec-18-20
Chapter 1 25,063 Dec-18-20

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