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  • Goshujin-sama to Atashi

    Alternative : ご主人さまとアタシ ; Goshujin-sama to Atashi ; Jingle Delivery: Santa-kun's Circumstance ; Master and I ; Santa-kun's Circumstance

  • Author(s) : Tachibana Yutaka,
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : Mar-02-2018 11:32:31 AM
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  • View : 70,901
  • Genres : Comedy, Gender bender, Romance, Shoujo,
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  • rate : 5 / 5 - 11 votes

Goshujin-sama to Atashi summary:

Contains two stories, one is the title story "Master and I" and the second is "Jingle Delivery: Santa-kun's Circumstance" 1) Master and I (Goshujinsama to Atashi) Yoshinori got saved by classmate Sakura. Yoshinori's true identity is Yuki, a VIP fortune teller who has clients. In order to pay for her older brother's debt, Sakura became his bodyguard?! 2) Jingle Delivery: Santa-kun's Circumstance On the path, a Santa Claus has fallen... and Atsushi gives this guy some food. Luckily, this Santa turns out to be genuine, and allows him to grant the wish of the girl he likes; the problem is, he'll take Santa's place if he doesn't grant her wish!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.01 Chapter 3.4 : End 6,543 Mar-02-18
Vol.01 Chapter 3.3 5,291 Mar-02-18
Vol.01 Chapter 3.2 5,298 Mar-02-18
Vol.01 Chapter 3.1 5,462 Mar-02-18
Vol.01 Chapter 2 5,661 Mar-02-18
Vol.01 Chapter 1 6,489 Mar-02-18

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