Hakka Haien no Shujin to Shitsuji CHAPTER LIST
  • Hakka Haien no Shujin to Shitsuji

    Alternative : 薄荷廃園の主人と執事。

  • Author(s) : Narushima Yuri,
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : Jan-20-2016 07:21:37 AM
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  • Genres : Drama, Mystery, Shoujo, Supernatural,
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Hakka Haien no Shujin to Shitsuji summary:

In the era following a certain natural disaster, Jyougasaki Hichiki, an escapee from 'The Rebirth Training Institution for Boys' , makes his living as a professional thief. A chance encounter with the mysterious and unfathomable 'Bo-chan' ; the enigmatic being who dwells within the 'Peppermint Highway Mansion', compels the curious burglar to infiltrate the run-down (but charming) household as a butler...But what does Bo-chan have in store for the eccentric Jyougasaki?
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.1 Chapter 4 6,689 Jan-20-16
Vol.1 Chapter 3 5,674 Jan-20-16
Vol.1 Chapter 2 5,601 Jan-20-16
Vol.1 Chapter 1 6,599 Jan-20-16