Holy Light Academy CHAPTER LIST

Holy Light Academy summary:

Around the beginning of the modern age there was a great war between humans and creatures known as setans. The result of this conflict was the sealing of King Setan and the "two beings." Every three years they try to free themselves from their imprisonment. It's up to the academy warriors to seal the portal before the king breaks free and spreads chaos over the world. The story takes place in the current period at the Holy Light academy, where two young men, Patrick Loguia and Drake Paladim, along with their friends, prepare to fight against an enemy of the past. They are part of a set of apprenticed warriors who, with the help of teachers, will learn to hone their powers.
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Chapter 4 4,263 08-27 16:37
Chapter 3 6,073 06-08 11:33
Chapter 2 11,970 06-02 13:38
Chapter 1 22,584 06-02 13:38