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  • Jabberwocky

    Alternative : ジャバウォッキー ; Jabber Wocky

  • Author(s) : Hisa Masato,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Feb-22-2021 10:29:39 AM
  • TransGroup :
  • View : 181,549
  • Genres : Action, Adult, Drama, Fantasy, Sci fi, Seinen,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 4.19 / 5 - 16 votes

Jabberwocky summary:

One of the Japanese promos calls it "Da Vinci Code meets Jurassic Park". I think that sums it up pretty nicely. It's got dinosaurs, spies, intrigue, action, and conspiracy, all rendered in lovely film noir-esque art with a little fan service cherry on top (Lily!). And for the slightly geeky, it's got cool (and sometimes obscure) references to art, literature, film, history, science... you name it. Definitely a manga for adults!
Maybe coming in the next issue
Jabberwocky chapter 22
Jabberwocky chapter 23

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