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From Midnight Scans: A collection of oneshots that would make you want to love!! - "Kimi no Hada wo Kowasu Yoru" by Kitagawa Miyuki Maaya is bought by the popular "Glass" author, Kiriyama Akihito...?! - "Harukaze" by Ichii Kazumi Soon-to-be-married Madoka talks to the boy who encouraged her 2 years ago to... - "Gitai Requiem" by Natsumi Rin Dull Masago changes after one glance. It feels like something in her has awakened...! - "Rennai Shinkoukei" by Uryuu Hanako Coworkers Homare and Juri are dating each other in secret, and the Executive Secretary of their company nominates them as... - "Oujisama?Sniper" by Hata Kimi Takahashi-kun, whom she met at a party at her job, is really straightforward and keeps pressuring her...!!
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