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  • Tabun Akuyakureijono Hazudeshita Bijou Margaret he Yokoso

    Alternative : I Think I Was Cast as an Evil Rich Girl...But I've Decided to Defy My Destiny!! -Welcome to the Marguerite Boutique-;Tabun, Akuyaku Reijou no Hazudeshita!? - Bijou Margaret e Youkoso ;Tabun, Akuyaku Reijou no Hazudeshita?!;たぶん、悪役令嬢のはずでした!?;たぶん、悪役令嬢のはずでした!?~ビジュー・マーガレットへようこそ~;분명 악역 영애였을 텐데요?!;분명 악역 영애였을 텐데요?! ~비쥬 마거리트에 어서 오세요~

  • Author(s) : SATOU Ichigo,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Mar-21-2024 14:46:42 PM
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  • Genres : Fantasy, Shoujo,
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Tabun Akuyakureijono Hazudeshita Bijou Margaret he Yokoso summary:

Until she was ten years old, Refena McGuerite grew up basking in her parents' love. Then, her little brother Andy was born, and with his birth came her mother's death. Looking down into the crib at her sleeping baby brother, she feels pure hatred for the boy who had killed her beloved mother. Fortunately for her, before she was swallowed by her powerful emotions, her Aunt Birgitta slammed the door open while shouting Refena's name. Soon, her aunt, who swears that in her past life, she'd seen this world in a game she used to play, tells Refena of the fate that lies ahead of her if she keeps going down this path. This is a story about a girl who decides to defy her destiny, choose light over darkness, and find work so she can be financially independent.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 10 1,777 Mar-21-24
Chapter 9 2,462 Mar-01-24
Chapter 8 2,764 Feb-25-24
Chapter 7 2,739 Feb-25-24
Chapter 6 2,622 Feb-25-24
Chapter 5 2,448 Feb-25-24
Chapter 4 2,827 Feb-25-24
Chapter 3 2,851 Feb-25-24
Chapter 2 2,837 Feb-25-24
Chapter 1 4,066 Feb-25-24

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