• Hana to Gin

    Alternative : 花と銀

  • Author(s) : Takahashi Hidebu,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Sep-12-2023 07:52:24 AM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Romance,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 3.8 / 5 - 20 votes

Hana to Gin summary:

Former police officer, Gin Sagata, resigned from the police force after discovering it didn’t suit him, and now lives a life of his own as a private detective. One day, in front of the building that doubled as my home and detective agency, I was approached by Assistant Inspector Hanai of the central government office, whom I secretly admired when I was a police officer in my jurisdiction! When Gin invites Hanai to tea, Hanai tells him, "I quit the police force, too.” Revealing to Gin that he now works as a yakuza! Upon hearing this, Gin unintentionally confesses, “I loved you!!!...!?" A heartfelt romantic comedy set in a retro townscape featuring a former police officer and a former police inspector turned yakuza!!
Maybe coming in the next issue
Hana to Gin chapter 9
Hana to Gin chapter 10
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.1 Chapter 8 252 Sep-12-23
Vol.1 Chapter 7 569 Jul-17-23
Chapter 6 966 May-30-23
Vol.1 Chapter 5 983 Mar-08-23
Vol.1 Chapter 4 1,216 Jan-17-23
Vol.1 Chapter 3 1,073 Jan-17-23
Vol.1 Chapter 2 1,180 Jan-17-23
Vol.1 Chapter 1 1,768 Jan-17-23

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