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  • Mademoiselle Butterfly

    Alternative : きみの思い出 ; マドモワゼル バタフライ ; 蝶戀之夏 ; Kimi no Omoide

  • Author(s) : Ogura Akane,
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : Jan-21-2016 11:43:31 AM
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  • Genres : Drama, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of life,
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  • rate : 4.78 / 5 - 18 votes

Mademoiselle Butterfly summary:

Our heroine is a girl who lives as a geisha in Japan. She has a male childhood friend who’s always been kind to her and is her favorite. He’s a painter, only he paints on human body parts and she loves it when he paints beautiful butterflies on her arms. She goes to visit him one day and finds a naked woman lying in his room. Immediately after, she gets a customer who’s rich and very interested in her. The thought of being away from her friend pains her, but is everything really too late? *contains an extra story called Kimi no Omoide (Memories of You) in volume 1 From Tsukishiro: Butterfly works as a geisha in Japan. Her childhood friend Chinatsu Fukazawa is a tattoo painter (Even though the government banned tattooing. She visits him almost every day, asking him for a tattoo. He refuses, but gives her paintings of butterflies instead. Butterfly loves her life right now, but soon a rich customer offers up money to buy Butterfly? Will Chinatsu and Butterfly be seperated? Or will they live happily ever after?
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.2 Chapter 9 : +Omake 13,235 Jan-21-16
Vol.2 Chapter 8 11,743 Jan-21-16
Vol.2 Chapter 7 10,816 Jan-21-16
Vol.2 Chapter 6 10,297 Jan-21-16
Vol.2 Chapter 5 10,369 Jan-21-16
Vol.1 Chapter 4.5 : Extra 10,233 Jan-21-16
Vol.1 Chapter 4 10,954 Jan-21-16
Vol.1 Chapter 3 11,883 Jan-21-16
Vol.1 Chapter 2 13,179 Jan-21-16
Vol.1 Chapter 1 15,224 Jan-21-16

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