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  • Malicious Code

    Alternative : マリシャスコード ; 邪恶代号 ; 邪惡代號 ; Malicious Code รหัสล่าสังหาร (Thai)

  • Author(s) : Yakou Hana,
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : Jan-20-2016 11:14:25 AM
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  • View : 90,232
  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Drama, Psychological, Sci fi, Shoujo, Supernatural,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 4.33 / 5 - 3 votes

Malicious Code summary:

It's the year 2034 and high school student Sasaki Hiiro boards his bus just like any other day. Everything changes, though, when his bus is suddenly attacked by a mysterious girl with red eyes. When Hiiro awakes, he finds himself in "Tokyo," a city which was supposed to have been permanently sealed off after the outbreak of the deadly Pandora Virus ten years ago. Not only that, but it also seems like all those being gathered in "Tokyo" are developing new inhuman abilities. Now, among the ruins of Shibuya, Hiiro and his friends must discover why they are here and learn all they can about the terrible Malicious Code that is running wild in their bodies before it destroys them all!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 17 5,907 Jan-20-16
Chapter 16 5,364 Jan-20-16
Chapter 15 5,290 Jan-20-16
Chapter 6 : Friends 5,233 Jan-20-16
Chapter 5 : The Killer 5,318 Jan-20-16
Chapter 4 : Crashed Pc 5,355 Jan-20-16

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