Ojisan to Ore no Koiwazurai CHAPTER LIST
  • Ojisan to Ore no Koiwazurai

    Alternative : Uncle And My Love Sickness; おじさんと俺の恋わずらい

  • Author(s) : Hino Youhe,
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : Aug-02-2019 17:30:12 PM
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  • Genres : Smut, Yaoi,
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  • rate : 4.52/ 5 - 58 votes

Ojisan to Ore no Koiwazurai summary:

Since Kaname was a young boy, he's shared a secret with his uncle Takashi: That both of them are gay. He takes it upon himself to cheer his uncle up whenever his heart gets broken. Though after not seeing him for ten years, Kaname seems to have fallen right back into this role. Except, only one thing has changed...his feelings. He comoforts his uncle so many times, but after his feelings build up, Kaname can't hold back any longer.

"Let me stand in for them."
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Vol.1 Chapter 1 92,893 Aug-02-19