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  • Lure the Enemy Deeper

    Alternative : Luring the Enemy Deeper ; Dụ Địch Thâm Nhập ; 诱敌深入 ; Yòu Dí Shēn Rù

  • Author(s) : 不懒文化, 之臻,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-22-2024 17:45:50 PM
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  • Genres : Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance,
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Lure the Enemy Deeper summary:

The regent wields overwhelming power over the court and nation, harboring ambitions as wild as those of a wolf. Zang Xiaojing, the emperor's most beloved brother, is determined to eliminate this major threat for his brother. Yet, who would have thought that in his attempt to lure the enemy deeper, he would find himself caught up in the very trap he had set?
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Chapter 0: Preview 643 Apr-22-24

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