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  • Regarding Reincarnated to Shima Kosaku

    Alternative : Tensei Shitara Shima Kōsaku Datta Ken,転生したら島耕作だった件

  • Author(s) : Kenshi Hirokane,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Dec-01-2019 23:00:21 PM
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  • Genres : Ecchi, Fantasy, Historical, Seinen,
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Regarding Reincarnated to Shima Kosaku summary:

Mikami Satoru, 37 years old, virgin, was stabbed to death. When he wakes up, he'll be reincarnated as a slime --- except not, he was reincarnated as [Shima Kosaku]!?<br>What would happen if the protagonist of the [Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken] was reincarnated as [Shima Kosaku] instead of a slime!?<br><br>This special edition release lets you read and compare the original materials of [Shima Kosaku] and [Tensura] that appears in this ultimate imagining, extremely most-discussed book [Tensei Shitara Shima Kosaku].
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.1 Chapter 1: First Part 17,406 Dec-01-19

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