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  • Seitoshidoushitsu no Oujisama

  • Author(s) : Nakamura Yukichi,
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : Jan-20-2016 11:30:11 AM
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  • Genres : One shot, Romance, School life, Shoujo,
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Seitoshidoushitsu no Oujisama summary:

Kanbara Rinko is a half-Japanese, half-British girl, so she has blonde hair and blue eyes. However, the vice president of the public moral committee at her school, Kotoshiba, thinks that she dyed her hair and uses contact lenses, so he constantly gives her troubles. And with her attitude, everyone in her class thinks that she’s a delinquent, so she doesn’t have any friends. Her only joy in coming to school is to see Hachiouji-senpai, the gentle and handsome president of the public moral committee. She thinks he’s her ideal prince, but is he really?
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Vol.1 Chapter 1 8,294 Jan-20-16

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