Strawberry Palace CHAPTER LIST
  • Strawberry Palace

    Alternative : ストロベリー・パレス

  • Author(s) : Ohkami Mineko,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Mar-04-2019 11:07:21 AM
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  • View : 66,070
  • Genres : Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy,
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Strawberry Palace summary:

In this country, there are beings called Sapeles. These beings are not human; they are treated as slaves. Society shuns them, just as they would poor people. Sapele are not allowed to have desires, especially desires for things like love. If they do, they are considered broken, useless. Lepu Le is a Sapele trying to come to terms with himself, not understanding or knowing anything about who he really is, or where he came from. After a fateful encounter with a broken Sapele known as Roie, he starts to question what he is told even more.

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