Tokiwa Kitareri!! CHAPTER LIST

Tokiwa Kitareri!! summary:

Yasaka Tokiwa lives in an unusual time, and according to his dreams, it's about to become even stranger. He's been having a dream of a woman called Ri'in ever since the robot, who he calls Makina, came to his home. He and Makina attend the same school, where their other classmates include a secret ninja (Kusanagi Kanata) and a sorcerer (Yata Haruka). When Tokiwa, the robot, the ninja, and the sorcerer rush to rescue the student council president from a demon, the boys find that they've all been having the same dream! What is going to happen to their world?
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 7 : Emergency 6,391 Jun-08-17
Chapter 6 : Say It! 7,156 Jun-08-17
Chapter 0.2 : Haruka Oneshot 14,649 Jun-08-17