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  • Transistor Teaset

    Alternative : トランジスタティーセット~電気街路図~ ; Transistor Teaset - Denki Gairozu

  • Author(s) : Yoshimi Sato,
  • Status : Ongoing - no set relea
  • Last updated : Feb-23-2017 20:17:08 PM
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  • View : 151,836
  • Genres : Comedy, Mecha, Slice of life, Yuri,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 4.63 / 5 - 8 votes

Transistor Teaset summary:

This story is about a girl named Handa Suzu who runs a store by herself while making a living off of the money she earns. One of her distant relatives used to own that store before he passed away. When Suzu was younger she had a child hood friend named Midori that went overseas with her parents. One day she goes out to town with and receives a phone call from someone unexpected…

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