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  • Qyootie Q -Qilin Girl's Courtship-

    Alternative : Qyootie Q! -麒麟娘と婚約事情- ; Qyootie Q! -Kirin Musume to Konyaku Jijou-

  • Author(s) : Shio Butter,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-16-2023 06:22:42 AM
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  • Genres : Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School life,
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Qyootie Q -Qilin Girl's Courtship- summary:

Kuchiba, a good looking girl feared for her fiery personality, decides that she's not going to get into any more fights now that she's a high school student.
However, on her very first day of school, she gets caught up in a scrap with a girl named Qisha, one of the "werefolk", who considers her an enemy because of a misunderstanding. Werefolk are a rare type of demihuman, with only 30,000 living in Japan, and Qisha has heard that Kuchiba has been busy bullying them.
Because of that, she challenges Kuchiba to a duel, but...
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Chapter 2 2,938 Apr-16-23
Chapter 1 4,758 Mar-28-23

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