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  • Author(s) : 小公子,
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  • Last updated : Jul-23-2021 00:42:45 AM
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  • Genres : Drama, Historical, Mystery, Romance, Tragedy,
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Dark Fragrance summary:

In old Shanghai, where the streets teem with Westerners, there is an assassin organization known as Dark Fragrance. Those who join Dark Fragrance are all women, and those who have given in to their charms are dead. The woman leading this mysterious organization behind the scenes comes and goes without a trace and has no name. In the past, she believed in fate, but she no longer does. If the heavens are unjust, then she will become God, and punish those who have destroyed everything she had!
Maybe coming in the next issue
Dark Fragrance chapter 3
Dark Fragrance chapter 4
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Chapter 2 899 Jul-23-21
Chapter 1.1 2,044 Jun-20-21
Chapter 1 2,250 Jun-20-21
Chapter 0 3,160 Aug-30-20

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