Yuru Fuwa Noka No Moji Bake Skill CHAPTER LIST
  • Yuru Fuwa Noka No Moji Bake Skill

    Alternative : Yurufuwa Noka No Mojibake Skill ,ゆるふわ農家の文字化けスキル

  • Author(s) : Arata Shiraishi, Tsuna Ayatsuki,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Sep-25-2021 18:25:58 PM
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  • Genres : Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance,
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  • rate : 4.79 / 5 - 1013 votes

Yuru Fuwa Noka No Moji Bake Skill summary:

Awakening "This skill,'ll Ne 's level I farm tools handling ..." 29-year-old single man is transferred to different world to "agricultural skills". Start a chilling home vegetable garden in the secluded forest. If there is a delicious meal and a drink, there to delicious too? Normally of different world food is also not a good in a different world, even Truly delicious their crops. And daughter-in-law who is beautiful complete set !!, such as when this is like a single man has been returned to the home, is a life record spend a friendly time in Yurufuwa.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 6 30,532 Sep-25-21
Chapter 5 56,255 Jul-17-21
Chapter 4 43,571 Jul-17-21
Chapter 3 46,712 Jul-17-21
Chapter 2 82,576 Mar-10-21

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