“Ou no Saien” no Kishi to, “Yasai” no Ojou-sama CHAPTER LIST
  • “Ou no Saien” no Kishi to, “Yasai” no Ojou-sama

    Alternative : 『王の菜園』の騎士と、『野菜』のお嬢様

  • Author(s) : Mashimesa Emoto, Tanuda Niso,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jan-17-2021 19:47:16 PM
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  • View : 93,100
  • Genres : Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 4.77 / 5 - 132 votes

“Ou no Saien” no Kishi to, “Yasai” no Ojou-sama summary:

Constantin de Arambourg, knight of the garden, is an overly serious knight who guards the king's kitchen garden. One day, he met a beautiful woman chasing a rabbit in the garden. When she caught the rabbit with her bare hands, she said: "I'll turn you into a meat pie, rabbit!" When she said this with a smile, his heart was struck like lighting - fall in love!
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Chapter 2 11,226 Jan-17-21
Chapter 1 15,335 Jan-17-21

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