• Paraphrase

    Alternative : パラフレーズ

  • Author(s) : Takakura Row,
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : Jan-20-2016 12:03:59 PM
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  • View : 128,384
  • Genres : Comedy, Drama, Mature, School life, Smut, Yaoi,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 5 / 5 - 10 votes

Paraphrase summary:

Paraphrase is a series of stand-alone short stories. Each story has a different emotion to it, normally towards the end. 1) Paraphrase Yukito is a promiscuous young man who earns money with his body. He also has a lover, Teruaki, an innocent student he keeps completely in the dark about his "job". When Teruaki's beloved older brother finds out about Yukito they start a dark game of blackmail and manipulation... 2) Full Throttle to the Top (Doteppen made Masshigura)- Satoru and Yuusuke are childhood friends who recently started a band together. Satoru is pretty clueless, especially when it comes to Yuusuke's feelings! They still need a songwriter though, and when they find a famous one that's willing to work for Satoru's body, will he give in? Or will Yuusuke finally speak up? 3) Cross Road Watching a gay AV with his friends, high school student Tsukaharu notices the one actor looks a lot like his best friend, Ren. Tsukaharu brushes off the thought that his friend might be gay, then he hears Ren having sex with his father. A young man who is confused and betrayed is unpredictable in his anger. 4) Sympathetic Pins - Telepathy of Love (Koi suru ishindenshin A horny acupuncture doctor is sick and tired of treating old hags, so the appearance of the American hunk at this sexual peak is a welcome surprise! 5) Gataiyoihanshinkaku A stage performer comes to a mannequin maker to acquire a doll for his show, only to become intrigued with the man's beautiful but emotionally scarred apprentice. 6) On the Otherside of the Fog (Kemuri no Mukou gawa) An possessive, obsessed classmate with an unrequited love is frustrated that he is being ignored. At what lengths will he go to force his crush to look his way?

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