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  • A Vacation With Passionate Kisses

    Alternative : Atsui Kiss wa Vacances de ; あついキスはバカンスで

  • Author(s) : Nagi Otonashi,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May-21-2024 09:47:05 AM
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  • Genres : Adult, Comedy, Mature, Yaoi,
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  • rate : 4.36 / 5 - 59 votes

A Vacation With Passionate Kisses summary:

Jun, the sucessor of a rich family from Tokyo visits Okinawa in the middle of summer to attend a wedding ceremony. However, his father who was supposed to be waiting for him at the venue abandons him, leaving him a letter that says "Work hard at this inn"...!! As Jun is wandering about under the blazing sun, Natsumi, a handsome guy, offers to take him to the inn. As it turns out, he actually works there. Jun's heart starts racing when he hears that that they're going to live under the same roof and work together. "Well, you had this longing expression", Natsumi says after his hot tongue found its way inside his mouth.+
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 7 2,260 May-21-24
Chapter 6 4,433 Mar-01-24
Chapter 5 5,549 Feb-02-24
Chapter 4 7,212 Dec-09-23
Chapter 3 7,321 Dec-09-23
Chapter 2 7,211 Dec-09-23
Chapter 1 8,426 Dec-09-23

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